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Burberry announces “Blue Period” collaboration

A new collaboration between Burberry and the popular television series, Blue Period, has been recently unveiled. The collaboration features two protagonists, Yatora and Ryuji, from the Kodansha Monthly Afternoon serialized manga, Tsubasa Yamaguchi. The series is well-known for its depiction of a bored highschool student, Yatora Yaguchi, who finds inspiration in art and enters the beautiful but unrelenting world of art.

The manga series previously won the 2020 Manga Taisho Grand Prize, so this collaboration is fitting. Yamaguchi’s themes of boldness, strength, and self-expression are compatible with the Burberry brand characteristics.

Source: Burberry

In the new story, series creator Tsubasa Yamaguchi anthropomorphizes Burberry’s iconic Lola bag. Together, the new ‘Lola’ character and protagonist Yatora Yaguchi will highlight the artful aesthetic of Blue Period. An additional aspect of the collaboration includes promotional illustrations drawn by Tsubasa Yamaguchi featuring Burberry items worn by the characters.

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Digital versions of the Burberry x Blue Period manga releases will be available on Burberry’s website starting August 20.