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In Trends and Fung Retailing form Artificial Intelligence partnership

JD.coma headquarters, Beijing, China. is both the largest e-commerce company in China, and the largest Chinese retailer, by revenue.

The retailing businesses of the Fung Group are brought together under privately-held Fung Retailing Limited and it is a Hong Kong-headquartered multinational group whose core businesses are engaged in trading, logistics, distribution and traditional and digital retailing.

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The agreement between the two companies calls for the establishment of an AI Boundaryless Retail Center that will oversee and manage cooperative research and development projects, and facilitate the sharing of information and expertise relating to AI technology.

Leveraging AI, and combining‘s extensive online expertise and Fung Retailing’s offline expertise, the two companies aim to develop a new retail format for China and Asia.

This includes creating an AI-driven retail system that seamlessly integrates online and offline retail platforms; developing an end-to-end system that enables the management of products, pricing, storage, order and payment; and enhancing consumer experience through solutions such as AI-driven virtual fitting, unmanned stores and smart shopping assistants.

Speaking at the signing, Sabrina Fung, Group Managing Director of Fung Retailing Limited said, “When it comes to the future of retail, and driving the customer experience, AI is an essential component. Across our retail portfolio, AI is a focal point and this co-operation with JD will, without doubt, accelerate our progress.”

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Bowen Zhou, Vice President of and Head of JD’s AI Platform and Research said, “As one of the largest retailers in the world, we believe that figuring out how to deploy AI solutions is critical to our future success. Drawing on Fung Retailing’s global offline retail expertise, this partnership will be important for us as we deliver our retail vision.”

Other areas of focus within the agreement include cooperation on the construction of AI infrastructure, as well as smart retail, creating AI-driven solutions that break down the barriers between online and offline, and exploring the intersection of AI and fashion.