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Maison 21G closes series A and expands footprint in Asia

Maison 21G

Parisian haute perfumery brand, Maison 21G, announced it successfully closed its series A two years after its initial launch. The new funding round was led by the founder Johanna and her internal financial team. Maison 21G plans to use this new capital to expand its footprint and reach in Asia and the Middle East, grow its team, strengthen the luxury bespoke brand image and enhance its O2O customer experience.

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Founded in 2020, Maison 21G is Johanna Monange’s brainchild. With a unique O2O bespoke business model, Maison 21G aims to disrupt the fragrance industry and break convention by putting the customers in direct contact with Haute Couture natural essences. 

With USD three million of revenue in 2021, Maison 21G has become the number four brand in perfumery in Singapore; placing the brand just after Chanel, Christian Dior and Jo Malone according to data from Beauté Research. The company has achieved this milestone with only three outlets and a unique retail experience with its Ateliers (private perfumery workshops).

Later this year, Maison 21G aims to simplify its bespoke offer to work with e-commerce partners like Amazon, Lazada, and other distributors to increase its reach. 

Maison 21G has signed a partnership with Human wellness, a distributor in Korea, to open a  flagship store in Gangnam along with  a private atelier space in their luxury Spa. 

“I believe that within three years, our partners in this market will put the brand solidly in the top of luxury perfume brands . Korea is famous for being one of the toughest markets of Asia but a major trendsetter from which the whole world of beauty takes its cue,” said Johanna Monange.

The brand also plans to launch in China in 2022. “Our arrival in China is set to be our biggest challenge. I know my proof of concept in Singapore will be a huge help, but we need to deploy in a very professional way, while not trying to go too fast. We are finalising a huge contract with Eternal Optical Far East, one of the oldest and most famous players in the Chinese perfume industry. Steven Lau was among the first to invest in perfumery and he has stuck to his beliefs from the very beginning. He has various luxury brands like Hermes and Bulgari who believe in his quality of work in retail, and I fell in love with his vice president, Chole, a fantastic woman, empowered, kind and full of energy,” added Monange.

In the Middle East, Maison 21G has signed a distribution agreement with Chalhoub group. 

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The new capital will also enable the company to extend its leadership team. “I am hugely proud to announce the arrival of Jacques Gouallou at my side as General Manager of Maison. Jacques was the president of Benefit in Asia and has more than 20 years’ experience in the luxury industries, working with both LVMH and L’Oréal. Jacques will be the catalyst of our ideas and will also attract more skills and talents with his charismatic presence at Maison. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a game-changing talent acquisition for me and my team,” concluded Monange.