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Gemie raises US$3.8 million for building Asia’s first entertainment Metaverse

Gemie, an Asia-based celebrity metaverse platform and NFT marketplace, announced on 28th February the completion of its latest US$3.8 million fundraising round led by Shima Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, and NGC Ventures.

The funding will accelerate the development of the Gemie Marketplace and the entertainment-themed metaverse. Newman Capital, Soul Capital, Kenetic, Sparks Digital Capital, ICO Pantera, SL2, Oddiyana Ventures, Beyond NEXT, QUDAX LLC, and AVStar Capital also participated in the round.


Founded in 2021, Gemie aims to connect top-tier celebrities in Asia with their fans without geographical limitations through an immersive metaverse experience. Fans will be able to interact with their favorite stars and IPs by traveling through different virtual planets and enjoy exclusive perks with utility-focused NFTs. Fans can also show support by purchasing licensed digital collectibles through the Gemie Store.

“Pop culture and the entertainment landscape in Asia have their own dynamic and are very different from in the west. When you look at how K-pop has impacted the world, it’s not hard to realize it’s a powerful force. While we have seen western celebrities like Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, and Travis Scott are well received in the metaverse, things are still relatively behind in the East. We see huge potential for artists in Asia to embrace this new virtual way of fan engagement, and we are glad that our investors share our vision of bringing the Asia entertainment industry into the Web3 world,” said John Fung, Co-founder of Gemie.

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The company has already reached partnerships with several artist management firms and movie production houses in the region. With additional resources, the company will widen the discussions with more players in the entertainment industry. Gemie is expected to announce the first onboarding celebrity in early Q2 2022.