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Gaming company Razer sues IT provider for client data leak

The producer of gaming hardware Razer has filed a lawsuit against a vendor over a cybersecurity incident that allowed private information about its clients and sales to become public.

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When a security researcher reported that the personal information of about 100,000 Razer customers may have been exposed, the data leak, which occurred across three months from June to September 2020, garnered media attention.

Razer is suing the vendor, French multinational information technology company Capgemini, for losses totaling at least USD 7 million.

Tan Min-Liang, a Singaporean who co-founded Razer, previously assured that no private information, such as passwords or payment card numbers, were disclosed. The corporation subsequently warned that customer, order, and shipment information may have been compromised.

Razer claims that Mr. Argel Cabalag, a Capgemini employee, was responsible for the cybersecurity compromise when a problem arose in Razer’s internal IT system.

According to Razer’s attorneys, 金 was hired by the business to supply IT solutions as a “trusted and valued partner.” Following Capgemini’s advice, Razer decided to integrate the ELK Stack into its IT system. Capgemini assisted the company in setting up and configuring the system.

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Additionally, Razer hired Capgemini employees to serve as the go-to authorities on the subject matter on-site in its offices.