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Cartier partners with Amazon to fight against counterfeit goods

French luxury accessories brand Cartier and online shopping platform Amazon, have joined forces in the fight against counterfeit goods.

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A social media influencer and eight other parties were named in two joint lawsuits that the corporations filed after they advertised, promoted, and helped sell fake luxury goods on Instagram and other platforms. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that Amazon’s policies were broken as well as trademark infringement against Cartier.

The complaints further allege that the defendants conspired to sell the fraudulent goods and use deceptive advertising.

“By using social media to promote counterfeit products, bad actors undermine trust and mislead customers,” said Kebharu Smith, associate general counsel and director of the Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU). “Amazon will keep investing and innovating tosource stay ahead of counterfeiters, and working with brands and law enforcement to hold bad actors accountable. We don’t just want to chase them away from Amazon—we want to stop them for good.”

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Amazon claimed that although the defendants openly shared images of replica Cartier jewellery, including the iconic Love bracelet, along with a description of the infringing item on Instagram, they created product detail pages for generic goods on Amazon and other websites with no indication of infringement. The defendants then sent links to the generic product on Amazon or other websites to customers on Instagram, warning them that if they bought the generic item, they would receive a fake Cartier product.