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Lenovo has always been regarded as an international brand renowned for its advanced technology and clean design. Some of its customers may not even know its a Chinese brand, as its marketing strategy has successfully framed it as a global brand.

Now, it seems the brand is building a community of followers and in doing so it is also becoming more customer-centric.

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Retail in Asia has recently interviewed Ronald Wong, Lenovo General Manager of Hong Kong and Macau to understand how the brand is evolving in terms of positioning and what are the latest brand activations in Hong Kong and Macau.

RiA : What is Lenovo’s brand position now?

Ronald : Being a global top tech leader, Lenovo provides cutting-edge products to customers. In response to the rapidly changing market, Lenovo has undergone a major culture shift from its position as a product-centric company to a customer-centric company.

RiA : Lenovo was able to position itself internationally, what do you think are the core features, which made it possible?

Ronald : The customer is at the core of Lenovo’s business, devices and solutions. We design our products and innovations to create meaningful impact based on customer’s pain points and needs, not just innovation for innovation’s sake.

We always believe “different is better” and we have been the only player consistently introducing new form factors and experiences. For example we have always been bringing new form factors to our PCs products, such as the new Yoga series (Yoga C930, Yoga Book C930, Yoga S730), which is also the highlighted product series showcased in the Boost in YOGA Style event.

Source : Lenovo

RiA : Who’s your customer profile?

Ronald : Lenovo is committed to the Asia-Pacific market, and Hong Kong has a strong market share of 27.8%. We target young consumers looking for a stylish, powerful companion that helps them to multi-task effectively while also stand out from the crowd.

Source : Lenovo

RiA : What are the marketing strategies of Lenovo Hong Kong?

Ronald : Our strategy is to focus on the importance of customer centricity by launching new initiatives to put the customer at the core of our business. Lenovo goes beyond functionality to create experiences around Lenovo’s lifestyle and personality – being different so we are able to redefine what’s possible.

In light of this, the brand is creating a series of extraordinary experiences to celebrate this unique lifestyle, including the “Walk in YOGA style” fashion show in collaboration with local design students in September and  “Boost in YOGA style” in December which in collaboration with PURE Yoga to promote healthy living.

RiA : How does the YOGA event enhance the marketing and branding objective?

Ronald : The “Boost in YOGA style” event echoes Lenovo’s customer-centric value. We strive to improve our customers’ experience, not only by providing quality products but by creating experiences that goes beyond functionality. The “Boost in YOGA style” provides Hongkongers with experiences that are authentic and engaging.

We invite yoga practitioners from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore to break the Guinness World Record together for the most amount of people doing the eagle pose at the same time – this is how we demonstrate that we are able to redefine what’s possible. We also include a series of exciting activities that allow participants to unwind with friends and be entertained, including a 60-min yoga session, music performance, YOGA X light painting experience zone, and Lenovo YOGA series product experience.

RiA : What customer experience would the brand like to bring?

Ronald : Lenovo would like to bring extraordinary experiences to customers who want to stand out from the crowd. We want to provide experiences for young trendsetters that are authentic, personalized, versatile and powerful.

Source : Lenovo

RiA : What’s next for Lenovo?

Ronald : Lenovo has just introduced a series of innovations and products in CES 2019, including new PCs, smart home devices, displays and tech accessories, that are built to unlock potential, break boundaries and enhance connectivity. Along with the launch of these new products, we will continue to bring product activations or events just like the Boost in YOGA style event to consumers to curate unique and unforgettable experiences.

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We are looking forward to next Lenovo’s brand activation!