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3 reasons why mobile payments are popular in China

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Convenience is the leading reason that mobile payment users in China make mobile payments, according to Ogilvy & Mather. The July 2016 survey provided significant data on mobile payment users, their motivations and why they conduct mobile purchases.


Another 68% of those surveyed say they use mobile payments so that they don’t have to carry cash or bank cards, which can be considered a specific type of convenience.


Nearly 50% of respondents also use mobile payment simply because they’re available. But for all the mobile payment enthusiasm, users don’t necessarily trust it more than any other sort of payment.


Just 14% say they use mobile payments because they’re more secure than other payment forms. One way of making mobile payments involve scanning QR codes or other 2-D barcodes at the point of sale (POS). When it comes to purchasing clothing this way, mobile payment users in China were more likely to have done so at a shopping mall than anywhere else.

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Over 80% of those who had made a clothing purchase in-store and paid via mobile in the past year said they had done so via a QR code at a shopping mall; nearly three-quarters of respondents had done the same at a retail chain.

A May 2016 report from Ipsos revealed that nearly 50% of mobile payment users living in tier 1 & 2 cities in China were ages 21 to 29. Another 35% were ages 30 to 39. The average mobile payment user surveyed was age 31.