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Five reasons why you need to work with a lighting design consultant

The importance of a lighting strategy is no longer overlooked as retailers and brands understand how lighting strategy affects brand perception, enhances customer experience and optimises sales.

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Today, some factors need to be considered in retail lighting design aside from style and appearance. Lighting design consultants have to study visual comfort, energy consumption, budget, environmental impact, lighting standards, and customer experience in planning the layout of light fixtures.

Here are the top five reasons why you need to work with a lighting design consultant:

1. Improve the store atmosphere

Lighting directly influences mood since 80 percent of the sensory information the brain processes come from what the eyes see.

Source: Baseline
2. Emphasize your brand

Lighting can create a story. By highlighting certain elements in the store, you emphasize which areas need more attention over others. The contrasting light intensity creates a dynamicity that makes the space alive and organic.

Lighting consultants know how to further boost brand strategy by consistently maintaining a certain image. Lighting serves as an alternative communication medium where businesses can convey their purpose to customers.

Source: Baseline
3. Optimise energy efficiency and reduce power consumption

Residential and commercial buildings in the US are accountable for approximately 72 percent of electricity usage in the country. To curb excessive consumption, the Department of Energy established an energy code that businesses must comply with. Failure to follow the requirements may result in penalties, or worse, rejection or cancellation of the operating permit.

4. Keep up with trends

Since the arrival of LEDs, there has been a rapid growth in the lighting industry as an endless variety of designs come rushing to the market. It can be challenging to keep up with the trend when you don’t have the time to research the latest products that will fit your retail lighting design.

A lighting consultant can do the work for you by evaluating which of the trending styles will suit your business and branding. Together, you can assess whether you are keeping up with competitors and your retail lighting design is unique enough to be remembered by customers.

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5. Trust the experts

Some skilled architects have a basic understanding of how light impacts spatial perception. They know how to make use of lighting to bring out the best appearance of a building’s interior and exterior. However, they may not be aware of the massive energy consumption of the fixtures installed.

Written by Baseline Lighting Design Studio