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Stefano Ricci opens flagship store on

Stefano Ricci

Italian luxury brand Stefano Ricci opened a flagship store on JD on 16th October, making JD the first and only e-commerce platform to partner with Stefano Ricci in China.

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The brand’s best-sellers, such as ties, belts and handbags, which are difficult to order globally due to a lack of inventory, are made available on JD through the store. In addition to its classic collection, Stefano Ricci will introduce its new fall/winter collection through the flagship store.

JD offers a consumer base of loyal, high-income shoppers with strong consumption power, which is well suited for the Italian luxury brand’s consumer demographic. JD is also trusted by high-end male Chinese consumers. Leveraging the overall strength of its nationwide logistics network, JD makes it possible for consumers to receive products the same day or next day, helping Stefano Ricci to reach more consumers in China.

“Stefano Ricci, enriches JD’s menswear category. Furthermore, JD’s market insights and big data will help our brand partner to reach out its targeted consumers precisely,” said Kevin Jiang, president of International Business at JD Fashion and Lifestyle.

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Stefano Ricci was founded by the Florentine designer Stefano Ricci (born 1949) in 1972. Its first store in China opened in Shanghai in 1994. Growing up in a universe of silk and cashmere, Stefano bestowed his talent in creating luxury ties. The brand’s line is expanding with its home collections and also deeply involved in the art world.