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Zalora’s head of product growth May Chin on ‘experimenting correctly’ when it comes to e-commerce

With a strong presence in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, e-commerce platform Zalora aims to provide a seamless shopping experience through its user-friendly website and mobile app. 

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The platform collaborates with renowned brands as well as up-and-coming designers to offer customers a wide selection of fashion and lifestyle items. Retail in Asia speaks with May Chin, head of product growth and analytics at Zalora, on bringing innovative products to market and optimising projects to achieve success metrics in the retail sector, ahead of her participation at eTail Asia 2024 taking place from May 14 to 16. 

RiA: Can you please tell us about your remit as head of product growth and analytics at Zalora?

May Chin: As the head of product growth and analytics, I can be summarised in a sentence as such: to maximise the revenue generation of our products through experimentation and innovation. 

Source: Zalora

In more detail, my team and I are constantly testing out new and novel features to engage our users, skewing their behaviours closer and closer to a conversion. Every single feature is launched as a controlled experiment so that we are able to quantitatively measure its actual impact on user behaviour. 

Strong growth is also impossible without a good grasp of data, and this is where the analytics part of my remit comes into play. Another key function of my team is to collect and transform the literal billions of data points we collect into actionable insights that we are constantly feeding back to course correct the company. This, in summary, is how we strive for product growth.

RiA: What are some of your observations on Asia’s evolving consumer landscape, particularly as it relates to Zalora’s ambitions for growth, and your specific role?
Source: Zalora

Chin: In the e-commerce world, users these days are spoilt for choice with countless competitors to choose from. As such, every company in this industry runs the risk of turning into a commodity where the only differentiator is how low your prices can go. This is of course a vicious cycle that no one wants to get stuck in. As such – another key aspect of my role is to experiment with genuinely enjoyable user experiences and features that provide incremental value add and delight to users outside of just low prices. How do users feel when they use your platform? Do they come to it for just utilitarian purposes, or for something deeper and more emotional? I’ve found that while it’s often low prices that attract users to a platform, it’s often more subjective, qualitative aspects like such that get users to stay and to truly love your platform.

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RiA: You are part of a panel discussion at this year’s eTail Asia event. Can you share what the audience can expect to hear from you and what excites you about this event?

Chin: I am excited to share my practical and real-life experiences in building a culture of analytics and experimentation. I am also excited to share my personal thoughts on what “experimenting correctly” looks like in a tech company, and some practical tips the audience can easily begin trialling in their teams even as early as the next day after the conference.

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