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Espoir introduced new concept store ‘Make-up Pub’ in Seoul

Espoir to introduce new concept store 'Make-up Pub' in Seoul

The cosmetics brand ‘Espoir’ introduced a new concept store ‘Make-up Pub’ reminiscent of draft beer house.

Eespoir, a professional makeup brand, opened the first make-up pub concept store in Hongdae in November under the concept of Lively, Free like a lounge pub.

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The newly launched ‘ Espoir Makeup Pub’ Concept Store is the first concept store designed for the millennial generation that pursues an enjoyable makeup experience.

In this concept store, Espoir’ has provided special services that can only be experienced at the Hongdae Makeup Pub, as well as the best products that have been recognized for its superior product quality.

Espoir to introduce new concept store 'Make-up Pub' in Seoul 2The make-up pub, which opened in Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, is filled with a variety of ll items commonly found in draft beer, just like its name suggests.

There are many different colors of foundation on the nozzles where cool draft beer comes out and a variety of color cosmetics on the cutting board.
On the other hand, staffs with color charts like menus will find the perfect color for consumers.

This concept store provides exotic spaces and a differentiated service so that anyone who wants to change freely visit and experience brand.

As soon as customers enter the store, the color mix bar captures their attention with its gorgeous neon lights. It is a space where anyone can enjoy the ‘Hot Colors’ mix performance that the artist suggests and mix colors directly.

The Face Tailoring Zone, reminiscent of draft beer machines, provides professional consulting for customers to fine right color and texture for their skin.

Apart from that, there is a mirror room where customers can put on self-makeup by themselves and have make-up service from professional makeup artists without making advance reservations. A variety of samples and beverages were provided free of charge to all visitors.

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Meanwhile, in order to commemorate the opening of the concept store, the brand has presented with a special coaster with the ‘Make UP PUB’ logo.

Espoir official said “here is the ‘Make-up Pub’ where customers can find the best color and choose the best color cosmetics.” “We will have more ideas and provide good products to meet customer’s expectations.

(Source: Edaily )