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ANTA Sports launches eco-friendly A-AWAKE ENERGY series

Eco-friendly A-AWAKE ENERGY series “Train and Recycle”

ANTA Sports Products Limited, a leading sportswear company in China, announces the launch of A-AWAKE ENERGY series “Train and Recycle,” which is a self-invented eco-friendly series of sportswear product.

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With the aid of energy-efficient environmental technology, discarded plastic bottles can be used as raw materials and turn into recycled polyethylene terephthalate (“RPET”) fabrics for production of sportswear, and becoming one of the Chinese sportswear companies meeting the RPET inspection standards.

The ANTA Sports team was able to surmount a number of technical obstacles through the support of research and development from the Company and supplier partners, producing sportswear by energy-efficient technology with functionalities on par with sportswear made with traditional materials, while meeting safety standards of eco-textile.

On average, every 11 discarded 550ml plastic bottles can be converted into RPET fabrics that is to enough make one piece of A-AWAKE ENERGY sportswear. In the third quarter of this year, the production of the entire A-AWAKE ENERGY series was equivalent to recycling 7.7 million plastic bottles, providing a new solution for recycling plastic waste and contributing to environmental protection.

This marks another achievement by ANTA Sports in environmental protection and sustainable development after officially becoming the first Chinese sportswear company to join the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) in Switzerland. The Company value the importance of green operation and closely followed green development for a long time.

ANTA Sports has actively disclosed their greenhouse gas emissions for four consecutive years. Although the total greenhouse gas emissions have increased with the rapid development of the business, the carbon emission intensity has decreased year by year, with a cumulative decrease of 36.7%.

In addition, the Company has also made excellent progress in managing chemical usage, as well as water resource management.

In addition to environmental protection, ANTA Sports continues to embrace public welfare. On 7 September, ANTA KIDS cooperated with the world-famous fast food brand McDonald’s for the third consecutive year in three cities – Shenzhen, Nanning and Nanjing – to hold the “McHappy Run” 2019 campaign, involving more than 7,500 participants.

The theme of the event,“Curiosity, Keep Moving” conveys the concept of infinite fun and exploration, with the event ultimately striving for children to have fun with infinite possibilities. ANTA KIDS provided sports equipment and interactive games for each group of families who participated, echoing the theme of the brand, “Grow Up with Fun.”

Ding Shizhong, Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports, said: “Promoting sustainable development has always been the focus of ANTA Group in the field of innovation. We also consider exerting our greatest efforts to contribute to environmental protection as a part of our corporate social responsibility. With the launching of A-AWAKE ENERGY series as ANTA’s first environmentally-friendly series, we will continue to increase our investment in research and development, and further explore innovation in environmental protection technology.”

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“We are also willing to collaborate with all sectors of society to motivate consumers to purchase environmentally-friendly products, and strive towards sustainable consumption. In addition, we are honored to continue to bolster ANTA KIDS’ cross-industry collaboration through the McHappy Run campaign. Established for 11 years, ANTA KIDS has become a leader in the field of children’s sports in China. On the back of cross-industry collaboration, we aim to help children develop their thinking in regards to sports and cultivate their appreciation for aesthetics, granting them happiness and progress when facing challenges with perseverance,” Mr. Ding continued.