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F&B industry growing in Hong Kong: a catch-up with La Rotisserie

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During the pandemic, F&B sector has been growing with concepts popping up in Hong Kong ready to address the cravings of the population stuck in the eating paradise.

La Rotisserie is a traditional French rotisserie concept with multiple shops located around Hong Kong which seized momentum to open different locations in the city.

Retail in Asia had the pleasure to interview Marie Ranc, Co-founder of La Rotisserie.

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RiA: What is the concept behind La Rotisserie?

Marie: The restaurant serves authentic and traditional French cuisine made with ingredients that selected and imported directly from France. The Grade-A Roast Chicken is served with a choice of Side Dishes that include crispy Roast Potatoes and fresh Mixed Veggies.

We aim to offer French day to day cuisine – good value for money – take away.

Source: La Rotisserie

RiA: Was it difficult to get the right concept that could cater to local customers as well?

Marie: From the beginning our target was the local population. Being chicken one of the most popular meat in Asia,  easy to share embracing the local food culture of sharing the food with people you love.

Additionally, being La Rotisserie a French concept, we could leverage on the fact that French Cuisine is quite established in Asia. We also proud ourselves of importing and sourcing our products directly from France offering local customer with information and traceability of the product they buy.

Our pricing was also decided to capture the local population and a a wide segment of it, offering good value for money. The take away concept is also very much of a success opening in strategic locations to serve people choosing La Rotisserie for their lunch, so easy to be enjoyed in office or outdoor. Our design concept is mainly focusing on delivery, but in some locations space to welcome guests becomes a must if closer to office towers. We try to keep the consistent elements that distinguish La Rotisserie style, yet evolving to fit into the neighbourhood.

RiA: What is your customer profile and how has it been evolving during the pandemic?

Marie: The split between local and expats customer is 50-50. The pandemic affected more the consumer behaviour than the profile that we are used to welcome. Deliveries have seen a huge increase in numbers.

Source: La Rotisserie

RiA: How do you retain existing customers and attract new ones?

Marie: Food Quality consistency is key to keep customers. We also continuously develop new recipes and new services so we can always diversify and fullfill our customer’s needs. To attract new customers we leverage on our social media channels and partnerships with other local players.

Source: La Rotisserie

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RiA: What are the future plans in terms of local/regional expansion?

Marie: We have just opened our fifth shop in Central, Hong Kong and just debuted our 6th shop in Lee Garden One, Causeway bay.

The plan is to go beyond Hong Kong and be able to enter different markets across the region.