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Singapore sneaker retailer Limited Edt opens first overseas store in India

Singapore’s Limited Edt has opened its first-ever store in India, serving as the sneaker retailer’s debut overseas post.

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Located in New Delhi’s Ambience Mall, the new Limited Edt store spans 1,500 square feet, and is designed to serve as a “curated space [that] promises to be a go-to destination for the burgeoning streetwear scene in India,” according to a press release.

Inside, the immersive sneakers and streetwear store combines cutting-edge design and technology, riffing on a futuristic spaceship theme, featuring transparent LED displays, holographic/3D effects, and interactive screens.

The centre of the store is dominated by a circular ‘POD’ which houses a ‘Vault’ of rare sneakers inside.

“This exclusive section is reserved for our VIP members who we aim to give better access to exclusive releases,” said Limited Edt founder, Mandeep Chopra, in talking about the Vault.

“We also aim to showcase more exclusive products from all the main brands as well as introduce new to market footwear and streetwear brands to India.”

Source: Limited Edt

Founded in 2003 by Chopra, Limited Edt has been a mainstay in Singapore’s streetwear scene for over 20 years. It has grown its presence to 15 stores across Singapore, stocking brands such as Puma, Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Converse, Asics, and more.

With its first overseas store, the retailer is ready to extend its reach into the broader Asian market, starting with India.

“India holds immense potential, and with family ties, it was a natural choice for Limited Edt‘s expansion. We aim to engage with the vibrant sneaker community in India, providing unparalleled access to unique products,” added Chopra.

The strategy includes fostering long-term relationships with the local sneaker and streetwear community, advancing the sneaker and street fashion scene in India.

“This marks the beginning of our journey in India. While anticipating more stores in the future, we’re focusing on building a solid foundation, one step at a time,” concluded Chopra.