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Nike opens concept store in Seoul

Nike has launched a brand-new concept store called “Nike Style” in Seoul. A second concept store is scheduled to open in Shanghai in the fall of 2022.

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The first-ever Nike Style store, which is situated in the Hongdae district of the South Korean capital, is intended to “serve a distinct sport lifestyle audience, through the lens of style, featuring gender-agnostic zones for fleece, tops, footwear, accessories, and other style-led collections”. The store is situated amongst local shops, clubs, and entertainment.

The store’s primary objective is to offer distinctive digital-physical venues for customers to exhibit their personal style together. Customers will discover a content studio inside with a space for the community to produce content for their own social media channels and access to local creatives, product specialists, and adjustable backdrops.

QR codes are placed all over the store enabling augmented reality experiences pertaining to new product development and even the nearby art exhibits. Additionally, the Style store offers special community events for Nike Members at the SNKRS Lounge and Nike By You workshops that celebrate regional sneaker culture.

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Looking ahead, Nike stated that the Nike Style idea would grow both locally and globally. In the fall of 2022, a second Nike Style door will open in Shanghai. The Nike Style concept will eventually spread to other nations after its initial openings in South Korea and China.