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JD Logistics launches logistic park in Xinjiang, China

JD Logistics launched a smart logistics park, JD Urumqi Asia No.1, in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China on 29th September.

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With an area of nearly 100,000 square meters, it is the autonomous region’s first and largest smart logistics park. The park is estimated to process as many as 1.2 million items daily. This is the 39th smart logistics park run by JD nationwide.

Adopting automation and robotics, the logistics park will enable 80 percent of JD’s orders in Urumqi to be fulfilled within 24 hours, and overall orders in Xinjiang to be fulfilled within two days. That is a huge improvement for local consumers, who used to waiting up to a week for online orders to arrive. The logistics park stocks products including food, electronics, home appliances, apparel and more.

Urumqi Asia No.1 is powered by the most advanced smart sorting system technology in China, in which a single sorting line can sort thousands of parcels in an hour with an accuracy rate of nearly 100 percent.

“By using ‘ant colony optimisation’ algorithm, the system will run like ants moving food, and there won’t be any collisions,” said, Chao Su, Head of the logistics park.

In addition, the logistics park applies AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval system), shuttle system, automated ground vehicles, sorting robots and more, enabling the full intelligent process from goods receiving, stocking, packaging to sorting.

The second phase of the Urumqi Asia No.1 is currently under construction. Aiming to be put into operation in 2023, it will be equipped with 5G, IoT, AI and big data technologies.

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As of now, JD Logistics operates a network of over 1200 warehouses and among which, 39 are mega Asia No.1 logistics parks.