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IKEA collaborates with Zandra Rhodes for new collection


IKEA is working with Zandra Rhodes, the British pattern and textile designer, on a new collection designed in Zandra’s vibrant style and bold patterns.

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The new collection is called KARISMATISK. It is a collection of 26 unique and expressive pieces, which will be available at IKEA stores from September 2021. On 23rd September 2020,  IKEA revealed the first product from the collection, KARISMATISK carrier bag, inspired by the iconic FRAKTA bag and representing recognisable Zandra’s style.

Zandra’s world of patterns and colour and the values she lives her life by inspired the IKEA team, who encouraged Zandra to be true to her very functional, thrifty, repurpose habits. Together with Zandra Rhodes, IKEA uses the five dimensions of Democratic design – form, function, quality, sustainability at an affordable price – to create expressive and functional pieces to be enjoyed and appreciated outside the context of commercial fashion. This exploration led to a deeper understanding of patterns and colour as powerful expressions of skill, personality, local culture, as well as their profound effects on people and spaces.

Source: IKEA

“It is wonderful being able to go all out with both patterns and colours. Zandra is phenomenal at this, this simmering stew of bold patterns and bright colours that cooks up to something tantalising and beautiful. I want, like, all of it! I am impressed by the open and inviting way in which ideas and concepts are explored in this collaboration. It is a super democratic way of working, where all ideas are welcome,” said Paulin Machado, IKEA in-house designer.

“The IKEA team really get the Zandra Rhodes aesthetic, and because of this we just bounce off one another. The design process has been organic and genuine, and this is seen throughout the whole collection,”said Zandra Rhodes.

The first product from the collection is KARISMATISK carrier bag, which is Zandra’s take on FRAKTA, the iconic blue IKEA bag. Like in all the products in the coming collection, fashion and function go hand in hand in it. This multifunctional bag has a bold and playful design with colour pop of pink adding an extra Zandra accent.

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“The FRAKTA bag is IKEA! The bag could not be left out of the KARISMATISK collection and I was so excited to have my take on one of the most famous and identifiable IKEA products,” said Zandra Rhodes.