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HappyFresh launches HappyFresh Supermarket in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia’s fast-growing online grocery platform, HappyFresh, has launched HappyFresh Supermarket to extend fresh and dry grocery accessibility by significantly growing its dark store presence in the region.

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Despite overall grocery expenditure hitting US$344.1 billion in 2020, online penetration for the grocery segment in Southeast Asia (SEA) only accounts for one percent. This makes Southeast Asia a huge unpenetrated market and growth opportunity that HappyFresh looks to tackle with the launch of HappyFresh Supermarket.

HappyFresh aims to provide an easy and convenient online grocery shopping experience, with high-quality and freshly handpicked products brought right to their customers’ doorsteps with free delivery for every order.

HappyFresh understands that weekly grocery shopping requires optionality and choice among multiple categories, especially “fresh”, hence the need for a larger range of assortments. This naturally increases order value and drives engagement, making it a more sustainable model in the long run, in contrast to “top-ups and instant delivery” shopping missions. HappyFresh Supermarket enables this with over 15,000 stock-keeping units (or SKUs) of fresh, dry, and frozen products in its inventory within three closely monitored temperature zones. Having been launched in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok – and in the process of rapid expansion within each respective market, HappyFresh Supermarket will offer competitive pricing, giving customers strong value for money with their purchases, without any out-of-stock moments.

“HappyFresh Supermarket is one step closer towards our vision of simplifying the lives of our consumers and just a couple of months after launching, we see tremendous interest with month-on-month growth in users of 300 percent. To meet this demand, we are rolling out more and more facilities to increase our coverage area and provide much greater accessibility. Grocery is in our DNA,” said Guillem Segarra, CEO of HappyFresh.

Exacerbated by the pandemic, consumers are now more price and product-sensitive than ever before. They demand transparency and are looking for a brand they can trust, one that provides simple, reliable, and yet tailored solutions to meet their specific grocery needs. With HappyFresh’s nearly decade-long accumulation of experience, data and knowledge, it brings a keen understanding of how to address these exact needs, and by extension – tackle the conventional pain-points of brick-and-mortar supermarkets.

“The grocery industry is going through a massive transformation driven by a fundamental change of shopping habits. Southeast Asia is at the cusp of it. We are talking about a $300 billion industry, and hence setting the fundamental building blocks for how the next 100 million people shop for groceries is and will be our main focus as a company. We believe that our customers should have the choice to pick from a wide range of products, freshly handpicked at affordable prices, without having to compromise on quality. HappyFresh Supermarket is a one-stop-shop to satisfy their daily and weekly grocery needs, and we want to make it accessible to everyone,” added Segarra.

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In line with the company’s ESG commitments, sustainable and environmentally conscious approaches have been employed within HappyFresh Supermarket facilities, from reducing the usage of plastic to an inventory management program working with local food banks such as FoodCycle in Jakarta and Food Aid Foundation in Malaysia. Customers are also encouraged to do their part by choosing the “GoGreen” packaging option during checkout. These all act as small steps in a much larger plan to enable a highly sustainable ecosystem.