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Firmenich extends fine fragrance footprint in China, opens Villa Harmony

Firmenich, one of the world’s largest fragrance companies, has opened Villa Harmony in China, the latest in its collection of interactive scent creation and discovery spaces. Firmenich previously opened the Fine Fragrance Atelier in Shanghai in 2019 and Studio Guangzhou in 2021, joining a push for “designed-for-China-by-China” products.

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Villa Harmony is a joint venture with Xun Laboratory, a perfumery studio rooted in ancient Chinese techniques and rare local ingredients. The partnership is seen to deepen the connection between Firmenich and its Chinese audience, while creating a platform for customers to discover China’s rich olfactive history.

Source: Firmenich

Housed in Jin Ze Art Centre, Villa Harmony, which will feature exhibitions, forum sessions and talks, and other social activities, offers access to other ancient Chinese crafts. Xun Laboratory’s researchers also offer privileged access into the 5,000-year heritage of Chinese perfumery, literature, and art.

“The opening of Villa Harmony reiterates our bold ambitions in creating an ecosystem of partnerships in China, in never-before-seen spaces. We are demonstrating our confidence in leading the fragrance segment in the dynamic Chinese market,” said Paul Andersson, president of Firmenich China.

Source: Firmenich

“We are proud to combine our legacies at this centre of perfumery culture to support the preservation and revitalisation of Chinese perfumery ancestry. Customers in China will benefit from having a completely unparalleled, holistic experience where they can re-discover and replicate ancient Chinese fragrance ingredients, for use in modern day creations,” said Ilaria Resta, global president of perfumery and ingredients at Firmenich.

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Source: Firmenich

Firmenich has also welcomed perfumer Steve Guo to its fine fragrance team in China. Guo, who has lived between China and France, brings a prize-winning background and a number of signature scents to the company.

“He is our first Chinese fine fragrance perfumer who has worked in both France and China,” Olivier Viejo, vice-president for fine fragrance, said on Guo’s appointment. “We have big plans for China involving future ingredients capabilities, immersive collaboration and co-creation opportunities for clients. He will be a strong asset for the Shanghai team, reinforcing the company’s expertise with international brands that prioritise China.”