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Singapore fashion brand Love, Bonito reveals refreshed brand identity

Southeast Asian womenswear brand Love, Bonito has unveiled a refreshed brand identity and an invigorated assortment strategy, with the aim of becoming the ultimate go-to destination for Asian women.

At the forefront of the new campaign is a lineup of Asian women, carefully selected for their personal stories and perspectives that challenge conventional notions of what it means to be an Asian woman.

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“As a brand rooted in Asia and designed exclusively for Asian women, it is high time we celebrate ourselves. While our cultures may have been perceived as more conservative, we want to showcase the multifaceted nature of Asian women in the 21st century. We want the world to see our authentic selves while honouring our roots and heritage,” says Dione Song, CEO of Love, Bonito.

Source: Love, Bonito

Song also cited the brand’s double-digit year-on-year growth since 2020 as Love, Bonito introduces a renewed assortment strategy as part of the brand’s fresh brand identity.

Love, Bonito’s new assortment will cater to work, weekend, casual, holiday, and dressy occasions while reducing overall styles by 60 percent, streamlining the collection to focus on the most sought-after and versatile pieces. By employing advanced technologies and data-driven insights, Love, Bonito is aligning its product offerings with customer preferences and market demands.

The transformation will be experienced across Love, Bonito’s omnichannel platforms, starting with a revamped website.

Additionally, physical stores in key markets, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, will reflect the brand’s updated image, offering a seamless and immersive brand experience.

The flagship store in Malaysia’s Tun Razak Exchange Mall, Kuala Lumpur, leads the way as the first fully rebranded Love, Bonito store.

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“This milestone represents a heartfelt tribute to our Asian women community,” says Rachel Lim, Co-founder of LoveBonito.

“Through our rebrand, we honour our rich Asian heritage and challenge stereotypes surrounding Asian women. This evolution extends to our apparel design, where we prioritise not only perfecting the Asian fit but also ensuring each piece is meticulously crafted for functionality, confidence, and versatility. From school drop-offs to the boardroom and date nights, our designs empower women to embrace every aspect of their lives with style and grace.”