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CLOU presents new design at Qingdao Business Park

In the Chengyang District, a business park for innovative businesses has been developed by Vanke. As a recent addition to the park, a colourful, stepped, mixed-use structure, designed by CLOU, was introduced to reflect the park’s vibrant, creative culture.

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The building’s open design is another tactic used by Vance to foster an open environment amongst its young and creative retailers. The site hosts a majority of small and medium-sized businesses. By opening what would have traditionally been a closed building, the firm created an environment that invited exploration and created a vibrant social atmosphere.

Retail spaces and a bookstore also provide meeting places for cross-cultural communication on the site. This building reflects CLOU’s exploration of stepped architecture and the integration of office and commercial design.

Source: CLOUarchitects
Source: CLOUarchitects 

CLOU converted the 10,000 sq m mass into a sculptural design with stepped terraces that changes the character of the building from different perspectives.

In addition, an extension of the offices is created by the human-scale terraces. A series of vertical landscapes provide a variety of semi-private spaces for hosting outdoor events.

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The volumetric form resembles stepped boxes, paired with geometric windows, expressing a rational aesthetic. Pinks and silvers are used in the façade design, creating a luminous effect at a distance. All of the building’s features were intentional to represent the brands and individuals it hosts inside.