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60 million fans welcomed Li Jiaqi’s first livestream in 3 months

On September 20, Li Jiaqi hosted his first live broadcast on Taobao Live after three inactive months. The livestream had over 150,000 views in just 10 minutes, climbing to 22 million views after one hour and reaching 60 million views by the time the live broadcast ended at 9:15pm.

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Li’s previous broadcast took place on June 3, however it was abruptly interrupted due to authority intervention. In the stream, Li Jiaqi introduced a tank-shaped ice-cream cake which referenced the 33rd anniversary of the June Fourth Incident, which is considered a taboo.

As a result of Li Jiaqi’s interrupted broadcast, China’s State Administration of Radio and Television (SARFT) has issued a directive calling on online broadcasters to adhere to the proper political direction, public opinion orientation and values.

Source: Li Jiaqi Weibo

In Li’s most recent livestream he was advertising small convenience and household items such as cell phone holders, children’s socks, air fryers, eyebrow pencils, garbage bags, disinfectants, footwear, hair masks, etc. The products came from a variety of  brands including Anta, Welsh, Kerun, and Flower West. Li will also advertise skincare and make-up products during his livestream for the ‘double 11’ festival.

Displayed in the background of the live broadcast room was the slogan “rational consumption, happy shopping”. Li Jiaqi repeatedly urged his followers to refrain from buying unnecessary products, including those showcased, during his live broadcast.

Li Jiaqi announced a secondary livestream on September 21 at 19:00 to cater to high product demand from his followers.

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According to Alibaba’s financial report, Li Jiaqi’s annual GMV was CNY 12.922 billion in 2020. Moreover, Li Jiaqi’s GMV reached CNY 10.6 billion on the first day of the Double 11 pre-sale in 2021. This demonstrates his strong influence on potential buyers, by promoting or recommending the items during his livestreams.