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ZESH opens first boutique in Beijing

ZESH opens Beijing boutique

ZESH, the modern leathercraft house from Shanghai, officially opened its first owned boutique at the China World Mall in Beijing, one of the capital’s most iconic high-end shopping destinations.

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Attended by ZESH Founder Mr. Michael Dong together with China World Mall Director Ms. Diana Liang and Deputy Director Ms. Spring Jing, the opening marked the first step in the brand’s global vision to celebrate quality in craftsmanship.

Founded in Shanghai in 2016, the house is growing its retail network from high-end department stores to a directly-run boutique to bring its vision of 21st Century heritage, craftsmanship and Shanghai modernity to life.

The move represents the beginning of a new chapter in its ambitious mission to share fine modern leathercraft with global consumers. Built on a family-legacy in leather craftsmanship dating back thirty years, today ZESH is driven by a team of young creative talents from Shanghai, inspired by the city as a global symbol of modernity: optimistic, energetic, cosmopolitan.

The result is a collection of finely crafted leather bags and accessories defined by a contrast between avant-garde innovation and a classic aesthetic to create “21 st Century Heritage.”

With its boutique in China World Mall in Beijing, ZESH shares its passion for fine
leathermaking in a sleek, modern environment inspired by the contrasts behind the brand.

Craftsmanship display
Source: Zesh

Balanced between dark grey floor tiles and hairline bronze tubes, bags and accessories will be displayed in organic, round wooden cases, inviting a closer look into the finely crafted, naturally treated leathers from Italy, France and Spain.

“Our mission is to draw the focus back on quality; to inspire people to appreciate fine
craftsmanship inside and out, by using only the highest quality raw materials from around the world, and showcasing their beauty in new ways” said ZESH Founder Michael Dong.

“This boutique opening marks the first step in our plans to expand our physical presence across the most iconic cosmopolitan centres in Asia, Europe and North America,” he continued.

Located on the third floor in the mall’s newly opened South Zone, ZESH is the latest house to welcome discerning customers alongside flagships stores of top-tier international luxury brands in the city’s financial and shopping district.

The new boutique features the brand’s complete bag collections – Gem, Rachel, Youren, Cubelet and Stacy – as well as small leather goods.

Cubelet newest edition
Source: Zesh

“With its high-end environment and sophisticated offering, China World Mall was a natural fit for our first owned boutique” said ZESH Founder Michael Dong.

“Building on the great success that we have had in our retail locations across China, we are excited to welcome shoppers in our Beijing boutique, and share more about our passion for craftsmanship, our approach to natural materials, and our design inspirations,” he continued.

“We are delighted to welcome ZESH” said China World Mall Director Ms. Diana Liang.

“ZESH stands out for its fine leather craftsmanship, its deep understanding of consumers and its global ambition: all attributes that we look for in a brand as we curate the very best of high- end goods, fashion, lifestyle and culinary offerings. We wish ZESH all the success it deserves and invite everyone to visit China World Mall,” she continued.

At the opening event, ZESH also announced the launch of Cubelet Bolt – a new style of
Cubelet, one of its most popular fashion collections. A playful mix of soft calfskin, hard
angles and vibrant colours, Cubelet captures the joie-de-vivre of the modern cosmopolitan woman.

Instantly recognisable from its metallic cut corner, it lies at the intersection of craftsmanship and style with its intricate structure and bold colour combinations.

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The new style features a vibrant lightning bolt design, available across ZESH retail locations in green, pink and yellow. A fourth, limited edition in white with snake skin will be retailed exclusively at China World Mall to celebrate the new boutique.