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ZARA opens Ruihong Tiandi Shanghai store

Located in the heart of Shanghai, ZARA opened the door to its new store on August 4. The store spans across two floors with an area of 3,000 square meters and is equipped with advanced retail technology and self-checkout stations, aiming to bring a new online and offline integrated and sustainable shopping experience to local customers.

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The store is designed by ZARA’s professional architectural design team, highlighting the four features of the brand’s design concept: simplicity, practicality, sophistication and elegance. While echoing with the brand’s aesthetics, the design is also customer- and product-oriented, with smooth and fluid lines as the main elements, presenting the brand’s colorful series of products for customers.

An integrated shopping experience

ZARA’s integrated online and offline model enables the brand to respond to customers’ needs in a timely manner and to offer interactive fashion suggestions based on their personal preferences. Thanks to the integrated inventory management system (SINT), customers have a variety of options, such as: ordering online in store and opting for home delivery service, making returns and exchanges in store, and shipping to designated physical stores for online orders. This integrated technology has become a reality thanks to the full use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), a system that allows fast and accurate tracking of product locations. The new store also features a digital fitting room that automatically senses the number of garments a customer is trying on and how the fitting room is being used, creating a more convenient fitting experience for customers.

Source: Zara Weibo

In addition, the new store has an in-store pick-up service for online orders, where customers can simply scan the unique QR code or code generated by the online order to pick up the purchased products in the physical store.

Practicing the concept of sustainable development

In 2018, ZARA China stores fully achieved the goal of energy efficiency and environmental protection, two years earlier than expected. These sustainable environmental and energy saving measures can save an average of 20 percent of electricity consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and up to 50 percent of water consumption compared to traditional stores. The new store also uses eco-friendly technologies and is connected to the Group’s central energy management and water management system, Inergy.

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As part of its commitment to sustainability, ZARA Ruihong Tiandi store is also equipped with a recycling bin for used clothes. A sustainable initiative in collaboration with China Environmental Protection Foundation, used clothes collected in the store will be recycled again. In addition, all other materials received in the store, such as cardboard, plastic and packaging, will be put into recycling.