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YouTube Hong Kong reveals top trending videos in 2019


YouTube Hong Kong Rewind 2019 reveals this year’s top trending videos, including Top 10 Trending Videos, Top 10 Trending Local Music Videos, Top 10 Trending International Music Videos, and Top 10 Emerging Channels.

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Music has always been Hong Kong users’ favourite content, from music videos, live performances, remixes, and even cover songs. More artists and musicians share their creative work on YouTube, a global platform to reach both local and international audiences. The recently launched YouTube Music, a smart music streaming service, helps music lovers easily tap into the rich music content available on YouTube.

Hongkongers also use YouTube to discover, stay informed with what is happening in the city, and learn something new, as over 60% of local users said they have watched original videos on YouTube.

Hong Kongers viewed local news, tutorials and parodies on YouTube

While many tune in to YouTube to watch live streams and news on mobile, local creators also create their content based on the hot topics and current affairs in the city. This year, Jason’s video “防暴要求我落車?係咪想打我或屈我襲警?” narrated his encounter with Hong Kong riot police in Causeway Bay, topping the chart as the most viewed original video in Hong Kong. Other videos discussing the city’s trending topics and society news, such as memehk’s vidoe about the Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong scandal “許志安和黃心穎偷食的教訓〈蕭若元:八卦蕭析〉2019-04-16” and FHProductionHK’s video about he indecent behaviour of Chinese aunties “大媽的道理” made it to this year’s chart as well.

Hong Kong people also learn something new from YouTube, among those, fitness is one of the trending topics. Coffee Lam’s workout tutorials has made it on the chart for two consecutive years, with her 30-minute fitness video “30分鐘全身消脂增肌運動 (一個月內見效)” ranking fourth in 2019.

Local artists have also started uploading lifestyle vlogs and parody videos on YouTube, to better connect with their fans. One of the examples is Hins Cheung. His video “張敬軒有咩問題?惡搞容祖兒 Pretty Crazy MV” parodying Joey Yung’s music video took the second spot on the Top 10 Trending Videos this year.

YouTube 香港 2019 十大熱門本地原創影片
Source: YouTube

Non-mainstream music is trending among Hongkongers, displaying a greater variety of music preferences

More than 1 billion music fans come to YouTube each month to be part of music culture and discover new music. YouTube’s rich library of multimedia music content has made it the go-to platform for music lovers. Many Hong Kong users discover and enjoy a wide variety of local and international music genres, including mainstream music, indie music and live performances.

Topping this year’s Top 10 Trending Local Music Videos is the orchestral MV of “Glory to Hong Kong” “《願榮光歸香港》管弦樂團及合唱團版” by Black Blorchestra. Other non-mainstream music videos that have made it onto the chart are JB’s “潮共”, LMF’s “W.T.F.H.K.” and NEI FEI WO’s “和你飛”.

Meanwhile, the TV series theme song “Can You Hear” by Kayee Tam took the second spot, followed by other Cantopop including Leo Ku and Nancy Wu’s “亂世情侶”, Sammi Cheung’s “我們都是這樣長大”, Juno Mak and Kay Tse’s “《寂寞就如》 及《其實寂寞》 ”, Dear Jane’s “2084” and Hins Cheung’s “空手而來”.

Hongkongers are also big fans of international music, especially creative works by Asian artists. Looking at this year’s Top Trending International Music Videos, seven videos were created by Asian artists and singer-songwriters, including Jay Chou’s “說好不哭” featuring special guest Ashin from Mayday, which attracted 10 million views globally in just two days; followed by K-pop group BTS’s “Boy With Luv” and Eric Chou’s “怎麼了”.

YouTube HK 2019 Top 10 Trending Local Music Videos
Source: YouTube
YouTube Hong Kong 2019 Top 10 Trending International Music Videos
Source: YouTube

Creativity unleashed on YouTube

A wide variety of creators start sharing their creativity and passion on YouTube. From the YouTube Hong Kong 2019 Top 10 Emerging Channels, “啤梨頻道BarryMa TV” took the top spot with videos discussing current affairs and the city’s hot topics, followed by “佩男 Puinam” with her travel vlogs and “志森與志豪” that made social satire videos. There is growing interest towards motor-themed channels including “XRX”, “魚波 Yu Ball” and ”HKMonkeyRider”.

YouTube Hong Kong 2019 Top 10 Emerging Channels
Source: YouTube

Newly launched YouTube Premium and YouTube Music services provide Hongkongers smart multimedia streaming experience

The newly launched YouTube Premium paid membership service provides Hong Kong users an option to watch millions of videos without interruptions by ads, with additional features including background play, smart downloads and offline play. Monthly fee starts from $68, with YouTube Music
paid membership included.

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YouTube Music has been available in 78 countries and regions, including Hong Kong. Music fans can also download the new YouTube Music app (Android and iOS) to enjoy a seamless, personalized, smart music experience on mobile. In addition to the free, ads-supported version, users can choose the paid membership for advanced features, at a monthly fee from $58, so as to switch seamlessly between audio and video of the music you like, background play, smart search, and download for offline play.