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World recovered paper usage to surge 50 million tonnes by 2014

China will generate the majority of the growth in recovered paper demand over the next five years, and while governments and paper makers attempt to boost domestic recovery of paper in China, this will not meet forecast demand because much of it is used for packaging goods, which then leave the country.

The international trade in recovered paper will continue to boom and Asian paper makers will search worldwide for new supplies as recovery rates are tested in the developed world.

These were some of the findings in the Outlook for Global Recovered Paper Markets, fifth edition, which was published on 15 February 2010 by Resource Information Systems Inc (RISI), an information provider for the global forest products industry and of current and forecast developments in recovered paper markets around the world.

The report reveals India’s growing demand for imported recovered paper and details usage, recovery rates, trade balances and price forecasts up until 2014. New coverage in this edition includes information on pulp and recovered paper demand and trade for these materials in over 100 countries.

The study team leader, Rod Young, who has been analysing fibre and paper markets for over 30 years, predicts that "the supply side of the recovered paper market will see a lot of activity in the upcoming five years. Rising prices for recovered paper, along with huge increases in demand, would imply that larger companies will both be needed and interested in the supply side of this market." He adds, "Mergers and acquisitions should be an active field in this industry."

The final chapter looks at the leading users and suppliers of recovered paper, worldwide and by region.

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