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Wellcome reaches out to shoppers with knives offer

Wellcome today announced a free redemption programme for knives under the Thomas Carbon Stainless Steel Knives Series.

Celebrity chef Jacky Yu and champion of “Beautiful Cooking” Kitty Yuen were invited to be the first to try out the knives as well as their personal tips on cooking and cutting. Wellcome and Thomas, the prestigious century-old German company, are presenting the new 8-piece Carbon Stainless Steel Knives Series, masterfully designed for an elegant union of form and function. Made with carbon stainless steel, these knives are stronger and more durable, while retaining the advantage of rust resistance.

Diane Chiu, Marketing Director of Wellcome, said, “We always listen to our customers so that we can provide them with innovative and exclusive offers. Being aware of the increasing demand for high quality kitchenware and the growing popularity of home cooking, we are presenting the stylish and easy to use Thomas Carbon Stainless Steel Knives Series to our customers for free redemption. We hope to provide added value to our customers’ shopping experience and enhance their culinary enjoyment. We are hosting today’s sharing session to give the media and a select group of culinary bloggers – the real end-users of kitchenware – an opportunity to try out the knives series and exchange techniques and experiences. This type of interactive sharing enables us to better understand and serve our customers’ needs.”

Visit Wellcome for more details.