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Vermillion announces the launch of its B2C collection

The new online design portal embracing Asian artistry and heritage Vermillion officially announced the launch of its retail offering on 13th May, 2022.

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Taking their mission of showcasing the most exquisite artworks, design-led homeware and luxury decor products from award-winning to hidden gem Asian designers to a whole new level, the platform is now accessible to all buyers around the globe, celebrating, conserving and conveying Asian craftsmanship and culture.

As the first portal dedicated to presenting Asia’s curated collectibles and design products with a fast growing portfolio of over 160 Asian creators, Vermillion portrays the breadth of Asian culture and history – past, present and future – by showcasing each artwork and brand with their inspiring stories, authentic design philosophies and values rooted in their cultural heritage, to create a New Asian Lifestyle Movement that elevates the perception of Asian design across the world.

The new B2C catalogue presents customers a bespoke selection of design brands from Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Greater China, with new brands added weekly.

The B2C portfolio includes further recognized brands as well as hidden gem creatives that are yet to be discovered, such as Louise Hill Design’s limited-edition prints, internationally acclaimed Singaporean Hans Tan Studio or Singaporean lifestyle brand Forbidden Hill .

Vermillion offers a discovery platform for businesses, design professionals and art enthusiasts alike. From styling to product customization, the portal provides personalised services with expert team members on the ground in all key regional markets, providing customers around the world with a first-class one-stop-shop experience.

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“It is my passion and dedication to steer the design retail industry into the new digital era on a global scale, whilst elevating Asian contemporary design brands and creating a deeper understanding and appreciation for Asian cultural heritage across the regional borders. In a globalised world filled with particularly western influences, my goal with Vermillion is to bring out our own Asian culture, but in a sensitive and culturally integrated way which highlights its uniqueness, creativity and beauty while educating those as yet unfamiliar with its subtle nuances. Our team at Vermillion aims to present Asian art and culture authentically, that is practical, easily understandable for others and can be used in their everyday lives in an elegant and beautiful way,” said Krizia Li, Founder and CEO of Vermillion.