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US IEE’s ScanVue2D enables retailers to deliver more information to consumers – Retail in Asia

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US IEE’s ScanVue2D enables retailers to deliver more information to consumers

IEE, Inc., a California-based manufacturer of display systems, has enhanced its ScanVue retail price scanner to include reading of both 1D and 2D barcodes in the same unit.

Available at the same price point as the previous model, the new ScanVue2D now enables retailers to turn a simple price verification system into a powerful consumer engagement tool. The unit is easily installed in retail POS locations, such as on the store floor or in stand-alone kiosks.

Although initially developed to check pricing on the retail floor, ScanVue2D uses a highly-integrated ARM processor that supports 2D animated graphics and video playback capabilities.  Retailers can now deliver more content and customised messages directly to in-store customers while they are still shopping.

A highly-integrated ARM processor and a more sophisticated scanning engine make the unit 50 percent faster, further increasing the consumer’s ease of use.  The processor also opens the door for the integration of autostereoscopic 3D imaging, viewable with the naked eye (no glasses needed), as well as for larger displays in standard or wide formats with a higher resolution.

The unit’s slimmer profile enables easier installation in a larger number of areas.  Custom casings, such as size, design and colour, are also available from IEE. In addition to 1D and 2D scanning, ScanVue2D quickly and accurately reads QR, Micro CR and postal codes.