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StockX introduces new women’s Luxury Footwear category

StockX announced that it has expanded its catalog with the addition of women’s luxury shoes. The expansion comes at an optimal time when more than 30 percent of its users are women.

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Among the brands now available to consumers are Amina Muaddi, Hermès, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, and Christian Louboutin. There are also plans to introduce more luxury footwear brands throughout this year and into 2023.

As part of its women’s luxury shoes debut, StockX added a ‘Shoes’ category to its homepage, allowing customers to discover newly added women’s footwear brands, as well as other popular non-sneaker brands like Crocs, Birkenstock and Timberland.

“Consumers have looked to StockX for access to hard-to-find luxury handbags and accessories for years, so this launch was a natural next step for us. As our platform has grown, our customer base has diversified and we’ve built an even stronger relationship with our female customer base” explained Cynthia Lee, Vice President of sneakers, apparel, and accessories at StockX.

As soon as an item is sold on StockX, it is shipped to a StockX authentication center to undergo a multi-stage authentication process, including a product accuracy check, a detailed inspection of the box, packaging, and accessories, as well as condition verification. StockX returns the product to the seller if it fails to meet its authentication standard.

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The final step in a transaction is that StockX ships the product directly to the buyer if it passes. In recent weeks, StockX launched its 12th authentication center in Berlin, Germany, to meet the continued demand of its global customer base.