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Shake Shack to open 10 stores in China

Following openings in Shenzhen, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Shake Shack Inc. and licensee Maxim’s Caterers Limited are continuing the momentum in China with an expanded partnership to open 10 Shacks in new territories by 2031, including locations in Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Anhui, Henan and Guizhou.

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The new agreement increases the company’s development commitment with Maxim’s Caterers Limited in China to 79 by 2031. There are currently 16 Shacks open in China, with 2021 new market entries so far in Macau and Shenzhen; Hangzhou will come later this year.

“We are humbled by the enthusiasm our fans have shown us in China and see this extension to Chengdu and beyond as a natural next step for Shake Shack,” said Michael Kark, Chief Global Licensing Officer of Shake Shack.

“China is incredibly fast paced, dynamic and remains our fastest growing international market. Maxim’s continues to raise the bar in spreading the Shack love across China and we cannot wait to show our guests what we have in store,” continued Kark.

Maxim’s has more than 60 years of experience operating in the food, beverage and retail sectors including full-service and quick-service restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops.

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“The rapid growth of Shake Shack in East, North and South China has demonstrated the high trust and support of our fans in China, and this has laid the groundwork for our new agreement to develop further in Southwest China,” said Michael Wu, Chairman and Managing Director of Maxim’s Caterers Limited.

“Maxim’s and Shake Shack adhere to a friendly and cooperative relationship and will continue to explore a more comprehensive expansion plan into 2031, bringing Chinese guests Warm Community Gathering Places with premium ingredients and enlightened hospitality,” continued Wu.