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ROBINSONS Singapore relaunches as an online department store

After exiting Singapore in January 2021, ROBINSONS, the 163-year iconic retailer, is returning as Robinsons Online, a fully digital, state-of-the-art, vertically integrated online department store, that will go “live” on 24th June 2021.

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Robinsons Online will present price-sensitive customers with a value oriented, rationalised product offering of over 200 specially-curated brands: some familiar, some homegrown, some new-to-market. Customers can also look forward to collaborations that will debut exclusively on the new platform.

With its head office based in Singapore, the newly independent Robinsons Department Stores Online Pte Ltd will be headed by Mr Jordan Prainito, the former Managing Director of Canningvale Australia, one of Australia’s fastest growing online businesses.

Under Mr Prainito’s leadership, Canningvale evolved from a wholesale supplier into a multi-million dollar business in just five years.

The incoming Managing Director of Robinsons Singapore, Mr Prainito said, “I am excited to be relaunching such an iconic brand. The brand has a rich history, and it strongly resonates with Singaporean and South East Asian customers. It just needs to be catapulted into the 21st century.”

“The global pandemic has expedited the mainstream adoption of online shopping. We think now is the right time to pivot to a digital-first strategy. We will apply the learnings from Canningvale’s digital transformation, where we saw e-commerce sales increased tenfold in under five years. This was achieved through a combination of sourcing expertise, range clarification, system automation, marketing expertise, and a forensic focus on our customers. Singaporeans are avid online shoppers, Robinsons Online will not disappoint. The website is easy to navigate, visually pleasing, perfectly curated, and will provide a trusted, safe and secure checkout process,” continued Mr Prainito.

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Mr Prainito will hire Singaporeans to fill various positions across the business and has already hired two former Robinsons’ employees.

“Robinsons is a Singaporean icon, if it is to respond to the needs of Singaporeans, it must be run by the people who understand the market. We look forward to introducing our customers to a whole new online shopping experience,” added Mr Prainito.