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RAE HK Presents: The Best of 2010 Visual Merchandising

Without a doubt, the best way to learn about new Visual Merchandising techniques from around the world is by traveling.  Yet most retailers have limited time and resources that prevent us from gaining valuable insights into current trends.

This doesn’t have to be the case this year, because the Retail Asia Expo in Hong Kong is bringing a special gala of international Visual Merchandising techniques right to your doorstep.

Videos taken by Dr. Valerie Wilson Trower on her tours of Asia’s retail spaces — from the region’s biggest brand names to the most innovative boutiques — will be on show for 3 days at the Retail Asia Expo.  The videos cover trends in Visual Merchandising, including the enduring European department store tradition of animated Christmas windows, and the developing strategy of free-standing designer-brand stores in Tokyo.  As it turns out, Tokyo’s free-standing, designer-brand store concepts are the precursors of additional models being developed worldwide.  These stores bear many new, alternative design features, like private floors and cat-walk videos, all aimed at offering selected customers a more luxurious shopping experience. 

Dr. Wilson Trower will also be speaking at 4pm on June 22nd on the topic, "Spring /Summer + Fall/Winter 2010 Visual Merchandising: an update on latest trends".

Come learn about new Visual Merchandising techniques being applied around the world, and get inspiration for your own applications this year.  The expo is from June 22-24, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).  
All are free to attend, simply register at

Dr. Valerie Wilson Trower Bio:

Dr. Wilson Trower is an international fashion professional with a background in design, retailing and marketing. Originally from the U.K., she has lived and worked in Asia for 11 years, running her own consultancy and lecturing in Visual Merchandising and Fashion Design for major academic institutions.  Some of her past clients include MTR Corporation, Shanghai Tang, and The Diamond Trading Company. Dr. Wilson Trower recently completed her doctorate at The London College of Fashion.  Her research and publications include work on Hong Kong’s contemporary expatriate Western community and Visual Merchandising, which she believes has a bright future in Asia.