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PURE Fitness opens at K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong

PURE Fitness is turning up the heat on the summer workout landscape with the launch of its flagship fitness and lifestyle location at Hong Kong’s K11 MUSEA.

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, this newest club is the largest PURE Fitness in Asia, spanning over 30,000 sq-ft of net space within its two-storey warehouse-style venue that features high ceilings with skylights and stunning views across Hong Kong’s iconic harbourfront.

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PURE Fitness at K11 MUSEA launches under the theme Out Of This World. At this flagship location, everyone can be transported to an exhilarating space where unique experiences abound as the fitness journey explores new horizons.

Colin Grant, Co-Founder and CEO of PURE Group, says, “As we continue to strengthen and grow our wellness community here in Hong Kong, we’re excited to officially launch PURE Fitness at Hong Kong’s Silicon Valley of Culture, K11 MUSEA. We look forward to helping PURE Cardholders to heighten their fitness potential inside our new flagship destination, and lead them as they experience and build upon their own personal fitness journeys. We are equally excited to gain such an innovative partner in K11 MUSEA, one who shares our aspirational and pioneering values. The past year has not been an easy one for the fitness industry, but we have proven to be incredibly resilient, even in the most challenging of times. Fitness and well-being remain a priority for those living in Hong Kong, and it is our mission here at PURE to continue offering Hong Kongers the most exceptional facilities in which to train.”

PURE Fitness
Source: PURE Fitness

Cecilia Yeung, Hong Kong High Jumper, says, “I was honoured when PURE approached me to take part in the Out Of This World campaign and become a crew member for the launch of their new flagship fitness location. Out Of This World aligns with the goals of my own fitness training, as I constantly strive to reach new heights and challenge my own physical capabilities. The past year has been difficult with us not being able to travel, so creating and finding new spaces to train in are all the more important if I want to stay creative with my fitness routines. The new facilities offered at K11 MUSEA are undeniably some of the best I have ever seen, not just here in Hong Kong but globally. I can’t wait to start training there and try out the new space.”

PURE Fitness at K11 MUSEA was designed around the concept of a classic industrial space with contemporary features. The innovative new fitness centre provides Cardholders with a sleek and edgy environment, featuring design elements like rustic brick, gleaming tarnished copper, and metal and antiqued ceramic tile walls, all held together with blackened steel panels, girders and strong details.

The design-led space is further enhanced by bespoke wall murals from local artist Wong Ting Fung.

The works of art throughout PURE Fitness at K11 MUSEA underline Fung’s expertise in creating unique pieces inspired by culture and life, the surrealistic work combining pen, ink, brush and paste and is open to interpretation.

The immersion into the ‘Out of this World’ experience continues with fresh takes on training that include Running Drills, Agility Workshops, and workouts focused on legs and hips. Panoramic views will inspire every workout on the exclusive-to-this-location Outdoor Training Pad that features top-of-the-range functional fitness equipment from MoveStrong. The Open Stretch area offers vast space for gearing up and winding down before and after workouts. Indoor training is equally stunning thanks to the million-dollar view – even a run on the treadmills becomes a glorious sprint towards sea and sky.

Source: PURE Fitness

Fitness fiends will be delighted with the SORINEX racks system by the athletic turf for modular and adaptable training. Not only is the SORINEX a truly explosive piece of training equipment and the first-of-its-kind in Hong Kong, but it also makes social distancing easy and allows for one athlete to train at one station safely and efficiently. The Booty Zone features the Booty-Builder station, a dedicated area committed to strengthening and toning this key area of the body, with all four machines in the zone
offering legs and glutes muscle training.

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PURE Fitness at K11 MUSEA is the first PURE location to offer adidas products, while nood food café is serving up new smoothies that include healthy-licious Ashwaganda Forever! and Passion Explosion.