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Pizza Hut opens 3,000th store in China

Yum China Holdings announced this month the opening of its 3,000th Pizza Hut location in China, a significant milestone in the fast-food chain’s 33-year growth journey in China.

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Located in Qinhuangdao, a coastal city in Hebei province, the new Pizza Hut outlet offers a contemporary dining experience, alongside advanced sustainability solutions, including an IoT-based intelligent energy management system and outdoor solar lamps.

The restaurant also incorporates renewable and recycled materials in its decor and layout, embracing low-carbon and sustainable living, according to a press release.

“The opening of Pizza Hut 3,000th store is more than a landmark moment for store expansion. It demonstrates Pizza Hut’s strength as a “pizza expert” and reaffirms our commitment to growing the brand in China. This milestone also underscores our focus on continuous innovation, from menu innovation and digitalization, to a range of new store formats,” said Joey Wat, CEO of Yum China.

“We believe the brand holds tremendous growth potential in China, and we are committed to actively pursuing expansion opportunities to further grow the brand.”

Opening its first location in Beijing in 1990, Pizza Hut, founded in Kansas in 1958, has grown into the largest casual dining restaurant brand in China, according to Yum China, in both in terms of system sales and number of restaurants.

“Pizza Hut is extremely proud of its heritage as the first restaurant chain to introduce pizza and Western-style casual dining to China,” said Jeff Kuai, general manager of Pizza Hut China.

“From our first store in Beijing to now 3,000 stores nationwide, we have always grown together with our customers. We’ll continue to expand our store portfolio, while staying true to our commitment to innovating great food and experiences for our customers.”

Yum China today has over 400,000 employees and operates over 13,000 restaurants under six brands across 1,800 cities in China, including KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.