Personalized and efficient shopping experience to engage customers

Sellers must effectively use technology to attract and engage consumers who are influenced by rich, sensory shopping experiences. They must reach customers who want information-rich, interactive shopping experiences to effectively compete with online-only merchants.

Enhance and personalize the in-store experience
Even with the rise of online shopping, physical stores still have a strong influence on customers. Retailers must leverage technology to customize the in-store experience with various sales channels and customer touch points.

Effective retail sellers look to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance customer engagement. Generate excitement and provide enriched product and service information with digital technology, provide assistance and gather comprehensive customer feedback.
  • Provide a personalized shopping experience. Deliver a customized shopping experience based on the customer’s buying history and relevant available offers, while expanding online personalization into physical stores.
  • Improve operational excellence. Improve inventory management and forecasting accuracy, and support employees with technology to help ensure timely item delivery.

To find out more, download the white paper: Personalized and efficient shopping experience to engage customers by clicking the Download the Report link above.


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