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Lancaster launches the first travel retail skin repair clinic in Asia

Lancaster, the iconic luxury skincare brand that has been pioneering skin repair and protection since 1946, unveiled its new Repair Clinic retail concept: a unique, seamless consumer experience which invites travelers to embark on a journey to change the future of their skin.

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The pop-up store, which is open at the Hainan Tourism Duty Free Shopping Complex in downtown Sanya (partnership between Hainan Tourism Investment Development and Lagardere Travel Retail) between 16th June to 27th June 2021, showcases the brand’s iconic products and delivers highly innovative consumer experiences.

The focus of the pop-up is a repair clinic, complete with a large skincare bar dedicated to product trial and discovery. Here, consumers will develop their own highly personalized skincare routine: from cleansing to anti-aging and sun protection. The clinic places particular focus on the cutting-edge 365 Skin Repair Youth Renewal transversal serum. Shoppers will also be able to discover Lancaster’s new Sun Perfect – the brand’s broadest sun protection that prevents dark spots & wrinkles – which was recently launched with Lancaster brand ambassador Chen Xiao.

Tapping into consumer demand for outstanding experiences and shareable content, the pop-up store includes a livestreaming installation that enables shoppers to broadcast their experiences to friends and followers. Customers can also register to receive the brand’s latest news and targeted promotional offerings by way of a QR code.

Mr. Eudes FABRE, CEO of North Asia at Lagardère Travel Retail, commented, “We are delighted to launch Lancaster’s new global skin repair clinic retail concept exclusively in collaboration with Hainan Tourism Investment Development Company. Our shoppers will be able to enjoy an exceptional and memorable shopping experience with the latest skincare technology from Lancaster.”

The Lancaster brand, which originated in Monaco, pays tribute to its 75-year history of innovation with the ‘DNA Chandelier’ in the center of the store. A luxurious double helix-shaped luminous installation that is reminiscent of a DNA chain, the chandelier celebrates the brand’s breakthrough scientific discoveries, built upon advances in cellular science, to repair and protect skin from all forms of aging.

Customers will be welcomed into the store with a complimentary hand massage using 365 Skin Repair Youth Renewal transversal serum. They will enjoy a bespoke skin consultation using a state-of-the-art skin analyzer, providing cutting edge analysis of each individual’s skin and treatment requirements.

In the new and unique Lancaster skin repair clinic, light is a gift, thanks to a large luminotherapy device bringing the benefits of light to the skin. A potent Light Treatment facial service, which uses the latest Radiofrequency / EMS technologies, maximizes the efficiency of each treatment for all skin types.

Consumers can participate in this complimentary service with a minimum purchase of Lancaster products. Travel exclusives are also available.

At the climax of their journey, shoppers will be treated to a luxurious 20-minute Flash Repair Treatment using the most advanced regenerative skin protocols available (Cellular Reoxygenation, Cellular Renewal). These exclusive protocols have been specifically developed with travelers in mind: for example, Eye Flash Treatment to help rejuvenate post-flight eyes.

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Finally, shoppers will be invited to a gifting station where they will be offered exclusive samples in luxurious wrapping that features a golden crown: emblematic of the brands’ royal appointment as official beauty supplier to Princess Grace of Monaco. The pop-up store enables consumers to learn more about Lancaster’s links to Princess Grace – who appointed Lancaster as her official beauty supplier in 1966 to repair & protect her fair skin – as well as the brand’s history of industry-leading patented innovations.