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Fantawild waterpark opens in Tianjin, China

On 6th June, a new Fantawild waterpark opened in the city of Tianjin, China.

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More than 100 guests attended the opening ceremony, including officials from the municipal cultural and tourism bureau, government officials in Binhai New District, representatives from party offices in China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City, representatives from Fantawild, and reporters from the surrounding areas.

Tianjin Fantawild Water Park is another tourist spot built by Fantawild Holdings Inc. after the theme park Fantawild Adventure and a Boonie Bears themed hotel. The new water park is themed around the popular animation Boonie Bears, and boasts nearly 100 unique landscape designs.

Fantawild waterpark 1
Source: Fantawild

The Park has many unique attractions, such as the multi-functional two-floor infinity pool, Sky Lagoon, in which visitors can go scuba diving and swimming. Another unique attraction is the thrilling “The Hornblower”. The park also has many attractions which are suitable for families. The Park has attracted many visitors and garnered good ratings for two distinct reasons, safety measures, and attractions suitable for all ages.

The water park is an important part of Tianjian Fantawild Resort. It will continue to contribute to the development of the tourism industry in Binhai New District together with Fantawild Adventure and the Boonie Bears Hotel.

Fantawild waterpark 2
Source: Fantawild

In April this year, the first Boonie Bears hotel was opened in Tianjin. This hotel adopts advanced design concepts and elements from the animation Boonie Bears.It has a floor area of 40,000 square meters, and 299 distinct guestrooms, as well as a children’s playground, spa, and fitness center. The hotel can provide entertainment and meeting spaces to satisfy the different needs of visitors.

Visitors can enter the fantastic world of Boonie Bears in Fantawild Adventure and the new water park after they go out of the hotel and seek fun in these two parks.

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Tianjin Fantawild Resort will adopt the development goal of “a high-quality tourist spot” in the future, provide more fun vacation experiences to visitors, and help boost the local tourism industryin Binhai New District.