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Chloé opens fragrance pop-up store at Harbour City, Hong Kong

Chloé has opened its fragrance pop-up store at Harbour City in Hong Kong, presenting Atelier des Fleurs collection created by renowned perfumers.

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Receive an exquisite and elegant bouquet with complimentary gift wrapping upon purchasing Atelier Des Fleurs.

Evoke French opulence with the powder pink and white garden setting with elegance French flower cart and romantic floral arrangement. Indulging yourself in a sensual experience and shop your favourite perfume.

Chloé presents Atelier des Fleurs, a collection of 12 fragrances, composed of natural ingredients and floral, aromatic or woody notes, they are designed to be combined in layers of two or three harmoniously so you can create your own personal floral signature blend.

Source: Harbour City

The prestigious collection comprises 12 fragrances, include Rosa Damascena, Lavanda, Hibiscus Abelmoschus, Cedrus, Verbena, Jasminum Sambac, Herba Mimosa, Neroli, Magnolia Alba and the three new perfumes Vanilla Planifolia、Papyrus and Tuberosa 1974.

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Nature is a precious source of fragrant flowers and aromatic leaves. To bring the new collection to life, Chloé has collaborated with renowned perfumers to feature their favorite flower or plant as the heart of an exclusive scent, drawing upon their childhood memories, travel recollections and reminiscences of moments in time that remain etched in their minds. Each characterised by a distinctive facet, just like a bespoke bouquet composed of your favourite flowers.