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The Sentosa Development Corporation and Brewerkz to launch Islander Brew in Singapore

Sentosa Brewerkz - Islander Brew 1

The Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC), in collaboration with Brewerkz, Singapore’s original craft brewery, launches Islander Brew, Singapore’s first leisure destination-inspired beers.

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A series of four flavours, each craft beer features a unique taste inspired by edible plants found in Sentosa – cacao, lime, jasmine and nutmeg – and are named after the island’s landmarks – Siloso Beach, Tanjong Rimau, Fort Siloso, Bukit Manis.

The landmarks were chosen to represent leisure offerings that embody one of the four themes under Sentosa’s ‘Make Time for a Holiday’ campaign – Island Life, Heritage Discovery, Wellness Escape, and Nature Adventure.

– Siloso Beach: Renowned for being the hippest beach on Sentosa, Siloso Beach is the place to head to for thrills and fun, with its golden sands lined with water sports and the trendiest bars and restaurants. This beer is a refreshing gose brewed with sea salt and kaffir lime.

– Tanjong Rimau: One of Singapore’s best-kept secrets, Tanjong Rimau at the western tip of Sentosa is home to one of the region’s most unique rock formations, and is a coastal headland rich in marine life, natural reefs and even hidden caves. This classic wheat beer has hints of nutmeg and coriander and a citrusy yuzu aroma.

– Fort Siloso: Built by the British in 1879, Fort Siloso is Singapore’s last remaining preserved coastal fort. An homage to the heritage of the British base on Sentosa, this English-styled Porter is velvety in texture with a rich chocolatey flavour and hints of coffee and vanilla notes.

– Bukit Manis: Home to some of Sentosa’s wellness spas and lush nature, Bukit Manis is a gem for those looking to indulge in some true relaxation and pampering. This Jasmine Kolsch brew is crisp, sparkling and slightly fruity with the aromatic hint of jasmine.

SDC and Brewerkz have also joined hands to make the Islander Brew Singapore’s first carbon neutral beers. This effort is part of SDC’s broader decarbonisation roadmap for Sentosa, and Brewerkz’s aspirations to create increasingly sustainable products in its business activities. This initiative illustrates how individuals and organisations can make environmentally sustainable choices and reduce one’s carbon footprint.

“We are thrilled to partner Brewerkz to launch the Islander Brew, as part of our collaboration with the industry to roll out over 50 new and diverse offerings under our Make Time for a Holiday campaign. Together, the beers will give guests a fresh take on the Sentosa getaway. Choose to unwind with the Islander Brew at some of Sentosa’s dining establishments or in the comfort of your home. Alternatively, take an island getaway in Sentosa with the campaign’s other offerings,” said Mira Bharin, Director of Brand, Marketing and Communications, SDC.

“This is our first destination-inspired beer collection, and marks our biggest and most comprehensive collaboration ever. We are proud to partner Sentosa, and grateful for the opportunity to showcase our capabilities as a local home-grown brand for Singapore’s iconic leisure destination,” commented Tan Wee Han, Owner and CEO of Brewerkz.

“With Islander Brew, we hope to enhance visitors’ experience when they visit the island, and offer them a small piece of the Sentosa holiday vibe – all in a beverage that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime,” added Tan Wee Han.

Sentosa’s guests will be the first to get their hands on the Islander Brew. The craft beer will be made available in individual cans, four-packs and other variations. From 1st December 2020, the beers will be rolled out at participating Sentosa food and beverage establishments, and subsequently hit the shelves at participating supermarkets and online retail channels from 7th December 2020.

The Islander Brew will be available for one year, and guests can look forward to a series of exciting activities alongside its roll-out, including contests with Sentosa staycations and Sentosa Fun Passes up for grabs.

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Brewerkz and Islander Brew are part of ‘Made With Passion’, a joint initiative by the Singapore Brand Office and Singapore Tourism Board, supported by Enterprise Singapore. ‘Made With Passion’ is a national marketing initiative to promote consumer awareness and appreciation for local lifestyle brands by showcasing the many facets of passion that go into creating the products enjoyed today.