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Testoni’s new concept store with first-in-Asia made-to-order service opens in Hong Kong

Italian luxury shoe brand Testoni has unveiled a new concept store in Hong Kong’s K11 Musea.

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The concept store is a sleek space imbued with touches of Italian heritage. Source: Testoni

To elevate the customer experience and expand the brand’s offerings, Testoni has launched a made-to-order (MTO) service exclusively at the new K11 store—a first for Testoni in Asia. The MTO service enables clients to customise their selected shoes according to their personal preferences.

Founded in 1929 in Bologna, Italy, by Amedeo Testoni, the brand has built its reputation on masterfully handcrafted products for men and women.

The new Hong Kong store is a sleek space featuring a variety of materials and finishes for a classic ambiance. On offer at Testoni are exclusive limited edition styles alongside a selection of footwear, ready-to-wear, and accessories.

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To celebrate the opening, Testoni has collaborated with Hong Kong-based artist Iswarya Venkatakrishnan for an artistic installation that brings to life its #WalkYourOwnPath campaign, a tribute to the brand’s Italian roots as well as the different individuals who wear Testoni, on view through 30 June.