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Tencent smart retail and DFS partner for omnichannel transformation

DFS Group, the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, and Tencent Smart Retail have entered a comprehensive strategic agreement. The objective of this partnership is to accelerate DFS’ omnichannel transformation to better serve its customers and brand partners.

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Since 2020, DFS China and Tencent Smart Retail have been working together  to map DFS’ future e-commerce vision by assessing how its private domain can be enhanced to improve traffic, thereby promoting customer conversion and increasing brand awareness and sales.

Source: DFS Group

Due to the impact of the global epidemic, the concept of smart retail is gradually leading the development and transformation of the retail industry and aiming to solve problems that existed in the traditional retail industry. DFS China and Tencent’s partnership will focus on strategic planning of private domain operations, innovative business models, and the cooperative development of the new brand “incubation” (Four Force’s diagnostics and mini-program CDC go check services, and carry out a broader special case sharing, empowerment training, management-level cross-border exchanges, etc.)

DFS Group has deep relationships with the world’s top brand names and represents more than 750 international brands in its stores. The retailer is highly differentiated in its approach to serving customers, regularly offering exclusive products, pre-launches, and world-exclusive activations. DFS sources all products directly from brands without any middleman and provides a worldwide guarantee.

Tencent Smart Retail provides partners with one-stop solutions and services for retail, such as consultancy, planning, pilot operation, and deployment, enabling a digital upgrade in many aspects of the retail industry including product, technology, resource, and capability.

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DFS China hopes to establish DFS’ proprietary digital assets, improve the operational efficiency of touchpoints, create a more exclusive personalized consumer experience, and drive business growth for brands and business partners.