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Tech startup Pickupp launches new delivery service in Hong Kong

On 11th April, Asian tech startup Pickupp introduced “Logistics Network as a Service” to build an ecosystem of 500+ Pick Up  and Drop Off (PUDO) points in Hong Kong by partnering with convenience stores and smart lockers alfred24. 

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“Logistics Network as a Service” is a vast and open network utilizing multiple logistics touch points across the value chains, and adding to its portfolio of fast-growing last-mile delivery services.  Pickupp is also setting up more than 60 satellite warehouses as Pickupp Service  Points (PSPs) to provide full service coverage of the supply value chain, including  warehouses, fulfillment partners and international logistics providers.  

“We are building an open network for industry partners, facilitating a collaborative ecosystem, to  unlock their full potential in the logistics value chain, where customers and merchants can enjoy  hassle-free logistics solutions that cater to their evolving delivery needs. Logistics costs can be reduced by 50 percent through harnessing the “Logistics Network as a Service” model and  warehouses will be able to maximize capacity and double utilization. We see it as a win-win  solution for both our partners and customers,” said Calvin Ma, Co-COO, Pickupp.

“Logistics used to be monopolized by traditional players running centralized handling and  inflexible delivery processes-. Young players like us are striving to drive changes through  innovation and collaboration. The “Logistics as a Service ” model is reshaping the way we do for  logistics, with greater efficiency at a fraction of the cost. We have a vision to make deliveries  sustainable, efficient and convenient. With alfred24’s open and shared locker network, we  wholeheartedly support Pickupp’s initiative to build an open logistics network that drives change,  and reshape nowadays e-commerce deliveries,” said Alvin Lee, founder of alfred24. 

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Founded in 2016, Pickupp is a data driven supply chain platform that operates in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. The company launched its 24/7 self pick-up  service in September 2021 and secured US$37 million series B funding in December. The “Logistics Network as a Service” is an integral part of the company’s expansion strategy, and its latest initiatives.