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Taking Stock: Making SmartCRM work for retail

Customer relationship management (CRM) has never been easy for retail establishments, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Managing the email list is one thing, designing the email content to suit the interest of target customers is another thing. One doesn’t have the assurance of consumers will receive it properly in their email inbox, open the email, and click on the links.

After the sales campaign is launched, there must be a way to handle sales inquiries or track consumer interest and follow up leads. A good consumer feedback system is key, as well as tracking call history, activity logs and task management for proper lead generation.

United Technologies’ X-Analyze SmartCRM provides a unique solution to these challenges by making it easy for SMEs to implement a multi-channel marketing strategy minus the cost and complexity of traditional CRM system.

It’s main feature is a one-step SMS (Hong Kong and China), email, fax and mail promotion that can be customized for target customers, and comes with enquiries logging system to track the enquiries prompted by the campaign. Reports can be viewed inside the SmartCRM or exported to wide ranges of file format.

To download the full report, click on the PDF attachment.

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