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Taking Stock: It’s all in the details

Walt Disney once said, "There’s no magic to magic – it’s all in the details." How right he was. He understood what it took to create the magic: hundreds of small, seemingly insignificant details repeated perfectly day in and day out to build a "fantasy world" experience – a world that had never before existed. Fuelled by his fantastic vision, he took some empty land and some imaginings and created an all-new reality.

What’s the reality of your customer experience?

  • How much time and energy does it take to find out about you? Can potential customers find you easily in directories, on the web or through your professional associations?
  • Do you make a positive impression with your logo, your tag line, your packaging and your welcome page? Is your phone system easy to navigate?
  • Do you give the customer the impression that it will be a joy to have them as a customer when they do buy? Do you make it easy to buy? Do you thank them for their business?
  • After a prospect has bought from you and becomes a customer, what do you do to make sure they’re using your product or service in the best way for their unique needs?
  • Do you make it easy for them to find information and to ask questions? Do you have maximum response times for answering emails and phone messages?
  • Are your phone messages kept up to date and changed daily or weekly so customers know about special events and promotions?
  • Are you accessible both physically and emotionally?

What are the dozens and dozens of details in your business that could create magic?

Details… details… details. They’re critical to the success of every experience you provide for your customers and prospects. Look at the "ordering" experience, the "calling" experience, the "returning" experience, the "browsing" experience, and the "apres sales" experience. You get it. Now, make a list of all the details that make up the customer experience and ask what you can do to make them each a little better. Get the whole team involved.

Put yourself in Walt’s shoes and create some magic!

Barbara Wold has more than 45 years of first-hand retail experience, and is one of the industry’s most sought-after speakers and consultants.

Taking Stock is Retail in Asia’s fortnightly column dedicated to showcasing opinions from experts in the retail industry.