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Taiwan tours and activities booking agency KKday plans to expand in Asia

The Taipei-based company that arranges excursions and activities, KKday, revealed on Thursday that it had raised USD 95 million in investments.

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The money will be used by KKDay to expand its presence in Asia, increase in manpower, and invest in technology. By 2023, the business wants to increase the clientele served by its booking and inventory management platform by more than 40 percent for its core countries, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and Southeast Asia.

As several nations in the region have recently loosened travel restrictions, including Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia, KKday believes it is well-positioned for development. The business, which operates 12 locations across Asia, claimed that this year’s reservations in South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong have already surpassed pre-COVID levels.

“We plan to double down on our current initiatives including partnering with our merchants and (online travel agencies) to digitize their businesses in anticipation of pent-up demand for tourism and travel,” said CEO and founder Ming Chen.

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The pandemic-damaged tours and activities industry is anticipated to rebound significantly this year. According to a survey conducted earlier this year, tourists plan to spend nearly twice as much on walking tours and 31 percent more than usual on attraction tickets in 2022.