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Survey: 1.6m laptops and desktops sold in Taiwan last year – Retail in Asia

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Survey: 1.6m laptops and desktops sold in Taiwan last year

Continued demand for personal computers (PC) in 2011 managed to boost volume sales in Taiwan by 5 percent year on year, registering a total of 1.64 million laptops and desktops worth over USD1 billion being sold in its consumer market. According to the recent findings from GfK Taiwan, consumers bought nearly 73,000 more units of PCs in 2011 compared to 2010, with positive market showings carrying on into the first two months of 2012.

Laptops, which constituted 62 percent of all PC volume sales last year recorded a 6 percent expansion and remain the key driver of Taiwan’s PC market. The desktop segment similarly registered positive growth over the previous year albeit at a lower margin of 2 percent.

"Although overall performance of the market has been somewhat affected by the mounting popularity of tablets, there have been interesting developments, such as the introduction and rise of lightweight laptops as well as entry level large screen laptops, which have managed to continue stirring up consumer interests and stimulating growth of Taiwan’s PC sector," commented Lydia Huang, General Manager of GfK Taiwan.

Taiwanese consumers bought over 1 million units of laptop valued at around USD700 million in 2011 and retail tracking revealed a significant jump in uptake of laptops with larger screen sizes. The most popular screen size is 14 inch, with 3 in every 10 (31 percent) units sold being of this dimension. However, signs of users upgrading to even larger screen sizes have become evident as 15 inch models, which made up only 17 percent of total laptop volume sales in 2010, had climbed substantially by 12 percent in volume share within a year to reach more than 29 percent of the entire laptop sales.

"Last year saw an influx of several new entry level, large screen laptops being introduced in the Taiwanese market," observed Huang. "Intense competition between manufacturers vying for the consumer dollar lowered average price of 15 inch laptops from USD835 to USD737 and hence made it more appealing and affordable to local consumers."

GfK findings in January and February this year showed a continued upward growth of the 14 inch and above laptops, reaching a market share of 63 percent in the latest month.

"If industry performance in the first two months of the year is any indication of what is to be expected for the rest of the year, it is quite clear that current trending will persist with more PC users converting to higher-end, lightweight notebooks," said Huang. "We can definitely anticipate a wider range with next generation CPU available in the market to whet the appetites of consumers. The greatest challenge for the industry now is to develop the ideal model that can best cater to the unique preferences of today’s tech savvy and demanding individuals," she concluded.