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Starbucks opens its 6,000th store in China

Starbucks celebrates its 6,000th store in Mainland China, opening on September 30 at Shanghai Lippo Plaza, where the company opened its first store in Shanghai over 20 years ago.

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Additionally, this will mark the 1,000th Starbucks store in the city, making Shanghai the first place in the world to cross the thousandth store milestone. Shanghai Lippo Plaza is also the latest addition to Starbucks’ growing portfolio of “Greener Stores.”

Source: Starbucks
Source: Starbucks

Key highlights of the store include:

  • Leading sustainability solutions: From design to construction and operations, the store incorporates sustainability solutions to achieve reductions in carbon, water, and waste, featuring smart, energy efficient solutions for air conditioning, lighting, water usage, and daily energy consumption.
  • Digitalised operations: Innovations in the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and machine learning that are optimizing stocktaking, inventory ordering, and labor scheduling, enabling partners to focus on coffee craft and customer connection.
  • Clean and streamlined design: Brought to life with minimalist style furniture and casework made using recycled straw material. Old partner aprons have been upcycled to create the store’s signature artwork – an iconic Starbucks siren with intricate design details that relay important milestones in Starbucks journey in China.

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As Starbucks celebrates its latest milestone, it still remains in the early chapters of its China growth story. In this next era of accelerated growth at Starbucks, the company expects to operate 9,000 stores across 300 cities in China by 2025. It will also accelerate the rollout of Starbucks Greener Stores framework in China with a plan to operate 2,500 Greener Stores by FY2025.