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Starbucks opens flagship at the Jewel Changi Airport

Starbucks Store Front

Starbucks Coffee Company opened its Singapore flagship store on 17 April 2019, the largest in Singapore to date, aimed to serve guests the best that Starbucks Singapore has to offer. Operating out of the iconic Jewel Changi Airport, a part of the region’s leading air hub, it will serve both the local and international audience an indulgent mix of quality coffee experiences and localized offerings.

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Beyond the exclusive local menu at the flagship store, the theme of craftsmanship runs strongly throughout the space along with the brand’s tribute to the coffee journey as seen from the duplex’s lush indoor landscaping, polished interiors and artisanal woodwork.

Starbucks Singapore General Manager Patrick Kwok said, “Our Starbucks Jewel flagship store brings to life our vision for the Starbucks brand in Singapore – with the depth of our Starbucks coffee expertise, our strength in store design and experience, and our pipeline of meaningful product innovations to elevate the customer experience – this is the epitome of our coffee leadership in Singapore. This flagship and its exclusive localized offerings reinforce our dedication to innovation, while placing us at the forefront of the coffee and broader F&B landscape. At our flagship store, guests can try locally-inspired dishes and exclusive offerings such as Hainanese Chicken Rice Quinoa Salad, Satay Chicken Ciabatta and Milo Tiramisu, or an Affogato with Udders ice cream. All these can be enjoyed within an inviting and inspiring environment featuring handcrafted art pieces that bring to life our farm-to-cup journey. With two bars, coffee seminar areas, and even an art gallery all under one roof, we are confident in strengthening our “third place” association in the hearts of our customers, being somewhere they always return to between their homes and offices.”

A Third Wave Leader in Coffee The flagship store presents a third-wave of coffee offering familiar to Starbucks Reserve™ patrons, with a keen focus on quality artisanal coffee and the best of the brand’s Singapore repertoire.

Inviting deeper coffee exploration and discovery at the Reserve Experience Bar, the store offers coffee made through manual brewing methods: Chemex, Pour Over, Siphon Brew and Coffee Press, which are all found at the Reserve Experience Bar, helmed by Starbucks coffee masters. These coffee masters are part of a larger pool of trained Starbucks baristas – including champions and finalists in Singapore’s national coffee competitions.

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To further add to the theatre and artistry of the coffee experience, the bar features the VA388 Black Eagle Espresso Machine, a familiar sight at the World Barista Championships. This allows the barista full control over the consistency and precision in every aspect of a coffee – from bean ratio to brewing time and water temperature – directly impacting the customer connection with each personalized cup.
As a final homage to Starbucks’ commitment to coffee education, the art room on the second level will also be used to host coffee seminars and other coffee related events for customers.

Local Partnerships and Refreshed Beverages The champion of the Starbucks Jewel experience, the four-tap Nitro, only the second in Asia, has given way to an expanded range of Nitro Brew offerings. These drinks include both coffee and tea beverages, such as the Nitro Flat White, Nitro Caramel Macchiato, Nitro Tropical Fruit Tea and Nitro Green Tea Latte.

To reinforce the uniquely local touch to the menu, Starbucks Singapore has also partnered with homegrown ice-cream parlor, Udders. Dessert fans can take their pick from a series of coffees paired with ice cream, with delectable beverages like Classic Affogato, Cold Brew Float, and Cold Brew Malt. Two flavors of ice cream – Vanilla and Cold Brew – will also be on sale in mini tubs.

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Freshly-served Gastronomic Innovation Guests can also enjoy the uniquely Singaporean flavors that are integrated into the flagship’s new food menu in new and exciting ways.
Celebrating the iconic chicken rice, patrons can order a serving of Hainanese Chicken Rice Quinoa Salad – a medley of cauliflower rice, quinoa, poached chicken slices, achar, cherry tomatoes, chicken skin crisp and chicken rice sauce. The more traditional Chicken Caesar Salad, featuring smoked chicken slices and croutons amongst other ingredients, is also available.

New additions unique to the Jewel Flagship include three new jar desserts: a decadent Espresso Tiramisu, an upliftingly tart Summer Berry Yogurt Trifle, and dense one that packs a punch of nostalgia for locals: Milo Chocolate Tiramisu.

For those who want something a bit heavier, freshly assembled gourmet sandwiches are also available. Aside from the well-loved local option – Satay Chicken Ciabatta – a whole line of sandwiches including Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Ciabatta, Mozzarella, Tomato & Pesto Ciabatta, Smoked Chicken, Turkey Bacon & Egg Mayo Brioche, and Pulled Beef Croissant will all be put together upon order, ensuring each order remains fresh and flavorful.

Those after a lighter bite won’t be left wanting – freshly baked and served by the skilled hands of Starbucks baristas are a range of buttery croissants, multigrain croissants and chocolate croissants. Just follow your nose and the aroma of buttery goodness to the pastry counter.

Design and Art for the Senses As part of the brand’s differentiated theme-based designs seen in Starbucks stores across the island, Starbucks Singapore tells the story of the brand and its journey in Singapore in its new flagship store. In addition to taking inspiration from nature, this Starbucks store also marries design touches that celebrate and capture the Singaporean culture.

The two-story flagship store was created as a place that celebrates Starbucks’ focus on community and the environment. From storefront to interior, the entire immersive experience celebrates the bean to cup journey – from the rolling hills of coffee fields to the actual shape of the coffee bean.

Source : Starbucks


Upon entry, visitors are greeted by a beautifully layered wooden storefront, inspired by the textures of coffee farm landscapes. At the front and center of the store lies a sprawling coffee bar shaped like a coffee bean. It’s designed with cross-sectional honeycomb patterns carved on the wooden material for added texture.

In the main dining areas, artworks tower over Starbucks patrons with an art piece featuring the word “Singapore” made up of peranakan-inspired tiles and Starbucks Reserve™ coffee cards that tell the intricate coffee story, serving up a uniquely Singaporean welcome. Another eye-catching piece is the special-commissioned mural of the Starbucks Siren painstakingly hand-chiseled over two months, which stretches across the staircase linking the two levels of store.

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The Art Room on the second level of the store also showcases a special collection of the original pieces of art typically found within Starbucks stores across Asia. The pieces featured range from playful coffee botanicals to an intricately hand-drawn Starbucks siren against an iconic Singapore backdrop. Gem of a Collection – Jewel-exclusive Starbucks Reserve™ Merchandise The retail offering has also been given a shake-up, with merchandise available only at this flagship store. Highlights include a myriad of coffee brewing accessories to lifestyle items, from glass drinkware and light-up tumblers to classic totes, pouches, and more, all exclusive to the Starbucks Jewel store.